ESR applications in bioinorganic chemistry

Bioinorganic chemistry

Transition metal ions have key enabling features for modern society. Fortunately they can be measured by ESR, being a key enabling technique for development of production processes, standard and research applications. Applications of MS5000 ESR spectrometer reaching from biochemistry, medical application throughout chemical characterisation.

Advantages of ESR/EPR spectrometer MS5000

  • High sensitivity and spectrometer stability also for aqueous samples due to powerful automatic spectrometer self-adjustment routines

  • Auto-sampler for efficient routine investigations

  • Measurement and user interface parameter setting by recipes for extremely easy handling of routine measurements, also by unskilled persons 

  • Automatic time- dependent and transient EPR- measurements in timescales from 2µs time- resolution to hours or days

  • g- value representation of EPR spectra

  • Very high reproducibility of EPR line positions by automatic microwave-frequency readjusted magnetic field scale

  • X- ray irradiation facility (accessory, option)