ESR applications in petrochemistry


Analysis of various components in crude oil, precursors during refinery or standard control of the oil product life cycle by measurements of radicals by EPR/ESR has been a standard technique for decades. The measurement of vanadium and asphaltene in crude oil takes only a few seconds without sample preparation at sensitivities of research equipment. For routine applications the MS5000 offers standard data interfaces. It is robust and can be integrated as an OEM unit for industrial needs.

Advantages of ESR/EPR spectrometer MS5000

  • High sensitivity and spectrometer stability also for aqueous samples due to powerful automatic spectrometer self-adjustment routines

  • Auto-sampler for efficient routine investigations

  • Measurement and user interface parameter setting by recipes for extremely easy handling of routine measurements, also by unskilled persons 

  • Automatic time- dependent and transient EPR- measurements in timescales from 2µs time- resolution to hours or days

  • g- value representation of EPR spectra

  • Very high reproducibility of EPR line positions by automatic microwave-frequency readjusted magnetic field scale

  • X- ray irradiation facility (accessory, option)