Autosampler for ESR/EPR sepctrometers

The autosampler provides the means to introduce a sample tube automatically into the inlets. Manual insertion of the sample is possible but is no longer common. Automatic insertion provides better reproducibility and time-optimization.


Everyday analytics in research labs and for industry applications requires sample throughput and/or precision beyond the capability of an individual. This is enabled by a variety of autosampler configurations for liquids, solids and powders. Even mixing of components within the resonator is possible following chemical reactions. Ask us for customized integration in your workflow.

Autosampler for powder and solid samples

Automated handling of up to 23 samples in quarz tubes 3-6 mm diameter, precise height positioning within resonator for highest reproducibility

Autosampler for liquids

Automatic liquid sample transfer for spectrometers of the MiniScope series, autosampler and integrated peristaltic pump, software controlled. Software for kinetic measurements, including automatic data acquisition and data evaluation. Single or multiple chemicals, optional: automated component mixing and temperature control.

Autosampler for liquids up to 43 ml

Suitable for 14 liquid samples and cleaning liquid

Autosampler for liquids down to 1 ml

Suitable for 23 liquid samples and cleaning liquid

Beer Analysis Technique

Due to the chain reaction of beer-derived free radicals, carbonyl end products like aldehydes and ketones are created, which cause the staling of beer. However, the endogenous antioxidants inhibit the free radical oxidation until they are depleted. Hence this free radical oxidation can be minimized by optimizing brewery operations and storage conditions to provide a maximum antioxidant content on the packaged beer. At each stage of the brewing process the comprehensive antioxidant status of the beer/beverage can be detected by ESR measurements and the determination of the EAP- and BAX value. That way, the shelf life and flavor stability of a finished beer can be determined at the individual stages of the brewing process e.g. before packaging and distribution.


  • Fully automated handling of samples

  • Up to 30 samples per analysis

  • Temperature control up to 70°C

  • Automatic EAP and BAX calculation

  • State-of-the-art and user friendly software