Continuous flow system

Electron spin resonanace of liquids, solutions and reacting mixtures with high thorughput.

Features of MS 5000 – Continuous Flow System

  • Single-channel flow system

  • Peristaltic pump for either constant flow or pulsed injection

  • Stable rack of massive steel

  • 4 glass beaker to storage your juice

  • Comes with 15 m of flexible precision tube

  • Operation through ESRStudio

  • Predefined sequences for “plug & play” handling

  • Individual adjustment of measurement routine

Range of analytes

From beverages to experimental solutions, the MS 5000 can be used to analyze any liquid sample automaitcally:

1.   Antioxdiant content of juices, coffee, tea etc.

2.   Rapid analysis of a transition metal complexes, oxidation state and alteration of bonding atoms

3.   Monitoring chemical reaction with radical mechanisms (polymerisation, organic snythesis, reactive oxygen or halogen species)

Additional add-ons