Mobile NO-haem complex as diagnostic marker and basis for new medicals

2016/03/11 – 2017/06/10

In this project the market launch of a new invention of a novel determination of the mobile NO-haem complex for the early recognition of cardiovascular diseases is funded.

This project is funded by SAB and the EU.


Contact person:

Dr. Kay Dornich


Development and validation of a measurement setup for the determination of the radical stability of brewery raw materials and early semi-finished products in the beer production via EPR spectroscopy

2014/06/01 – 2016/05/31

Freiberg Instruments pursues the following goals within this projects

  • further improvement of the sensitivity of the MS5000 especially for liquids and solids with high water content

  • the development and improvement of auto samplers for liquids and solids

  • improved temperature stability and range

  • improved reproducibility

These improvements will be applied among others in the brewery and food market for the investigation of radical stability for flavor stability and the investigation of applied radiation doses for sterilization.

This project was funded by the AiF ZIM and in cooperation with the VLB Berlin.

Contact person:

Dr. Nadine Schüler