Bench-Top ESR spectrometer

MiniScope MS 5000 - Bench-Top ESR spectrometer for wide range of applications like food safety & quality, alanine dosimetry, petrochemistry, solid state physics and more.

Electrochemical cell

in-situ investigation of electrochemical phenomena inside the MS 5000 cavity

Bench-Top ESR spectrometer

Electrochemical cell

EPR and its applications

Product Overview

State-of-the-art ESR software

ESRStudio is a dynamic and user friendly software for ESR measurements with some of the most modern and fluent workflow based user interfaces.

  • Most advanced and user friendly EPR/ESR operating/evaluation software available

  • User/application based customization

  • Advanced scientific capability

  • Workflow for automated spectrum evaluation

  • Automated lab report generation

  • Remote access - access your EPR/ESR spectrometer from anywhere in the world

  • Online training and Technical support

  • Versatile optimization of parameters such as: gain, signal amplitude, phase of magnetic field modulation, optimization of Signal to Noise ratio versus resolution by digital filters

MS 5000 Accessories

Glassware for ESR spectrometer

For measurements of samples in the ESR spectrometer one has the choice between different types of glassware.


Operating and Evaluation Software