Alanine Dosimetry System

Industry standard for evaluating irradiation doses on alanine pellets or blisters.

MiniScope MS 5000 EPR spectrometer is a complete alanine-EPR dosimetry system for routine dosimetry in industrial irradiation facilities, or for use as an in-house alanine reference dosimetry system.

Benefits of MS 5000 - Alanine Dosimetry System

Highest quality measurements: the MS 5000 EPR instrument provides a stronger measurement response signal than any other bench-top EPR spectrometer on the market today, with higher measurement sensitivity.
Cuts measurement time in half: the MS 5000 EPR system reduces measurement times in half, from 40 seconds down to 10 seconds or less.
Reliability: the new EPR spectrometer uses a solid-state technology, to provide a more rugged industrial instrument for higher reliability and uptime > 99 %.
Flexibility: Accommodates a wide variety of commercially available alanine dosimeters with specialized holders.
Remote accessibility: IP based system allows remote operation and technical support from anywhere in the world.

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Straightforward and quick measurement

1.  Insert the dosimeter. Barcode scan (auto matic) or Enter sample name (manual)
2.  Click "Start" to begin measurement.

< 10 seconds

3.  Dosimetry is measured and the dose is alculated automatically. The calculated dose is displayed and stored automatically in the secured database.

Optional: Enter the sample's mass for mass reference

Alanine is an amino acid forming a very stable free radical when subjected to ionizing radiation. The alanine free radical yields an EPR signal with an amplitude that is dose dependent (Fig.1).

The measurement time of the MS 5000 is very short and depends on the dose.

High dose0.5 up to > 200 kGy10 s, approx. 8000 readouts a day
Low dose<1 up to 20 Gy120 s


The MS5000 is calibrated one time in a very simple procedure and with a large calibration range (Fig.2) and afterwards only a very straightforward and quick measurement routine needs to be performed by the user.


Alanine dosimeters

The alanine free radical yields an EPR signal that is dose dependent. The MS 5000 EPR spectrometer is a simple, fast and accurate measurement equipment for alanine dosimetry for either pellets or blisters.

Glassware and optional add ons

  • Alanine pellets

  • Alanine pellet holder

  • Alanine blisters

  • Alanine blister holder

  • Barcode reader

  • Autosampler

  • Special alanine dosimetry software

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