Catalyst activity | chemical configuartion of active centers |

kinetic measurements of reacting species


Catalysts are complex systems of carrier materials doped with transition metal compounds that accelerate chemical reactions. Analysing them specifically proves difficult for most analytical methods which rely on X-rays or light  the infrared, visible or ultraviolet spectrum. In contrast to that ESR sees only the paramagnetic centers through the ESR-silent surrounding.

Application example: Mn5O8 nanoparticles as efficient water oxidation catalysts at neutral pH

Kitae et al. (2015) observed the spontenous formation of oxygen in a solution of Mn5O8 nanoparticles at neutral pH. This oxygen evolution reaction (OER) was investigated by means of ESR. The ESR spectra indicated that Mn3+ is the active center, which catalyzes the OER.


  • Kitae Nam, Donghyuk Jeong, Kyoungsuk Jin, Sung Eun Jerng, Hongmin Seo, Donghun Kim, Seung Hoon Nahm, Sun Hee Kim, Ki Tae Nam (2015) Mn5O8 Nanoparticles as Efficient Water Oxidation Catalysts at neutral pH. ACS Catalysis 5, 4624 - 4628