Detection & quantification of oxygen in whole blood

Spin trapping technique using MS5000 EPR/ESR spectrometer is a standard application to determine the oxygen concentration in living tissue.


EPR signals are broadened with increasing oxygen concentration. Appliyng a apramagnetic oxygen sensor, the measurement of local quantities of oxygen is carried out within minutes. Suspensions of charcoal allow observation at any place a liquid could reach.

Results of tumor oxygenation

  • Bernard Gallez, Bénédicte F. Jordan, Nicolas Christian, Nathalie Crokart, Vincent Grégoire, Olivier Feron (2007)  - Thyroid Status is a Key Modulator of Tumor Oxygenation: Implication for Radiation Therapy. Radiation Research 168, 428-432

Gallez et al. (2007) name the rate of oxygen consumption as a "key factor" to estimate the effect of radiation therapy on tumor cells. In healthy tissue, hormones such as thyroid stimulate oxygen consumption. Therefore, an analogous effect on tumors was hypothezised. 

Experimental tumors and their close environment were observed to see if changes in the thyroid concentration effects their metabolic activity. EPR oximetry revealed a significant change of the oxygen concentration with varying thyroid status. Thus, oxygen consumption was altered tremendously. As expected, tumor's regrowth was dealyed by lowering thyroid activity.


"This study provides unique insights into the impact of modulating tumor oxygen consumption and could have implications in the management of cancer patients with thyroid disorders."