Spin density measurement

The MS 5000 EPR system offers a simple, fast and accurate method for determining the spin density.


The measurement of spin density is an application of electron spin resonance (ESR) to determine the exact number of spins in a known volume. The main physical factors in­ fluencing the measurement are taken into account.

Spin density is calculated by double integration of the ESR signal and comparison with a spin quantified standard material. The calibration values are included in ESRStudio. Also, we offer a Spin Quantified Chromium standard to calibrate individually.

User-friendly measurement with MS 5000

1.   Select recipe and enter volume

  • Possibility A: Compare un known sample with standard (automated correction by Q-factor, microwave power & modulation amplitude)

  • Possibility B: Direct measurement without calibration (instant data reporting and backup)

2.   Press “Start”

3.   Result is displayed and stored automatically.

Available standards

Spin quantified chromium standard

Module #E1707

with protocol on spin density and g-factor

Secondary standard chromium

Module #E1703

with protocol on g-factor

Secondary standard manganese

Module #E1704

with protocol on peak distabces and g-factor