Continuous flow system

Electron spin resonanace of liquids, solutions and reacting mixtures with high thorughput.

Features of MS 5000 – Continuous Flow System

  • single-channel flow system

  • peristaltic pump offers constant flow or pulsed injection

  • stable rack of massive steel

  • 4 glass beaker to storage your juice

  • comes with 15 m of flexible precision tube

  • rapid analyzis within 5 s

  • predefined sequences for “plug & play” handling

Range of analytes

1.  Water and aqueous solutions (salts, acids, bases etc.)

2.  Acetone, ethanol and other protic solvents

3.  Pure and diluted beverages (beer, wine, whisky etc.)

Additional add-ons

  • Optical irradiation unit can be added (for kinetic experiments or other)