Temperature controller and accessories

Variety of temperature control accessoires for MS 5000 ESR spectrometer allow measurements at low or elevated temperatures as well as temperature stabilization of samples. Enhances signal reproducibility up to per mil depending on type of samples.

Bio Temperature Controller

For keeping biological and biochemical samples constantly under conditions of elevated metabolic activity.

Temperature range: 293 K - 350 K (20 - 77 °C)

Temperature Controller TC H04 incl. table

  • Temperature range: 93 K - 473 K

  • PC controlled (control / registration software included)

  • Optional: Software for automatic data acquisition for temperature measurements

Liquid Helium Flow Crystat

the Liquid Helium Flow Cryostat is specifically designed for X-band ESR measurements.

The sample is cooled by a jet of liquid helium inside a quartz cuvette.

    Closed Cycle Liquid Helium Flow Cryostat

    • low helium consumption

    • cost saving

    • long-lasting low temperature conditions

    • low noise

    Vessel for flushing resonator

    Vessel filled with liquid nitrogen.

    It evaporates and flushes the resonator, thus preventing humidity from condensating.

    Optional accessory in connection with fixed temperature dewar.