MS 6000

Reliable and easy-to-use ESR spectrometer with high-end performance


Biomedical research | cancer diagnostics
material science | laser crystal dopants and more

Features of MS 6000

Highest sensitivity: MS 6000 provides top sensitivity to yield most accurate results Easy interfacing: simply combine ESR with other methods (like HPLC) to create your own experiments


Low cost: minimum operating cost (air cooled, water cooling optional) & robust design

Easy to use: simple handling and operating with a software renown for its userfriendly interface & stability

Flexible hardware: exchangeable resonators ensure best performance by adopting to any application’s special conditions.

Ergonomic design: made to fit in a modern laboratory environment with less need for space

Accessibility: IP based system allows remote operation and technical support from anywhere in the world

Add-ons for MS 6000

Fields of application

Roughly 3 decades of R & D in ESR technology

Since the introduction of MiniScope MS 100 bench top ESR spectrometer in the early 90s, Magnettech has installed more than 500 bench top ESR spectrometers (MiniScope series) at top-notch Universities, Research Institutes and Industries around the globe. In 2014 Magnettech became a part of Freiberg Instruments (Germany). With a team of young and dynamic Researchers, Engineers and Software programmers, Freiberg Instruments is an industry expert in providing solutions in the fields of advanced Metrology, Automation, Software development and more. The new "one company" structure concentrates on our high competences in ESR technology. The recently released MiniScope MS 5000X bench top ESR/EPR spectrometer with a frequency range of 9.2 to 9.8 GHz is one of novel technological achievement by our vibrant team. Based on our tremendous success with MiniScope series we now open the next chapter in our 3 decade R & D in ESR technology i.e. our brand new MS 6000 ESR spectrometer for high-end performances.

Power requirements100 to 250 V AC, 12 A
Dimensionsapprox. 850 x 1000 x 1500 mm
Weightca. 900 kg

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